NTA/UNL Turfgrass Virtual Field Day 2020

Buffalograss breeding at UNL – Keenan Amundsen

Data Management – Keenan Amundsen

Linking brown patch and dollar spot to growth rate – Bill Kreuser

Aggressive PGR and N applications and low mowing height impact putting green performance – Bill Kreuser

Weed control update – Roch Gaussoin

In-house golf green organic matter measurement – Eric Chestnut

Weed identification – Luqi Li & Eric Chestnut

Turfgrass Identification – Luqi Li

Trees & turf in the landscape – Kim Todd

A 360 view of the Backyard Farmer Garden – Terri James

Taming wild trees: Basics of tree management – Eric North

Turfgrass diagnostics – Kyle Broderick

Spotted lanternfly & EAB update – David Olson

Yellow nutsedge control at seeding – Matt Sousek

Murder hornets and mayhem: Simmer down now – Jody Green

Water movement in turfgrass soils – Dallas Williams

A virtual tour of our research facilities – Matt Sousek

Ornamental grasses – Kim Todd

Remote sensing and variable rate nitrogen – Michael Carlson