Annual Research Reports


Accelerating Re-establishment of Putting Greens Following Winterkill (PDF 516KB)

2015 Aquatrols Fertilizer Evaluation Supplemental Report (PDF 716KB)

Can 'Champion' Bermudagrass Survive the Winter in Nebraska? (PDF 821KB)

Application of Civitas in Late Fall Improves Turf Quality in the Spring  (PDF 264KB)

Anuew PGR Performance on Bentgrass Fairways (PDF 930KB)

Prevention of Winter Desiccation on Fairway Turf in Nebraska (PDF 500KB)

Creating GDD Models for Commonly Applied Plant Growth Regulators (PDF 1.2MB)

Summer Interseeding and Aggressive Post-Seeding Herbicides to Reduce Annual Bluegrass in Fairways  (PDF 1.8MB)

Systems approach to Poa Annua control on putting greens  (PDF 814KB)


2014 Ryan Lawn and Tree Overseeding Evaluation Report  (PDF 338KB)

Herbicide use During Native Grass Establishment Report  (PDF 264KB)

Yellow Nutsedge Application Timing Report 2015  (PDF 269KB)

Yellow Nutsedge Control with Single or Sequential Applications Report  (PDF 245KB)

What is the optimal mowing height and frequency for lawn-height turfgrass?  (PDF 225KB)

Anuew PGR Performance on GDD Modeling  (PDF 105KB)

Effect of Signature and Nortica on Aeration Recovery  (PDF 1.4MG)

Evaluation of New Slow Release Fertilizer Technologies  (PDF 863KB)

Influence of Stabilized Urea on Turf Performance and Volatilization  (PDF 666KB)


Smooth Bromegrass Control from Tenacity  (PDF 231KB)

Herbicides on Buffalograss during the Transition from Dormancy  (PDF 253KB)

Buffalograss Establishment with Pre- and Postemergence Herbicides  (PDF 135KB)

Crabgrass Control with Various Rates and Formulations of Dimension  (PDF 246KB)

Buffalograss Herbicide Safety Reicher  (PDF 330KB)

Postemergence Field Sandbur Control  (PDF 211KB)

Quali-Pro Preemergence Herbicide Comparison  (PDF 224KB)

Quali-Pro Quinclorac Comparison  (PDF 270KB)

Seeding into Preemergence Herbicides with the Triwave Seeder  (PDF 270KB)

Speedzone Seedling Safety  (PDF 265KB)

Yellow Nutsedge Control using Sequential Applications  (PDF 228KB)


Herbicide Safety over Established Buffalograss (PDF 238KB)

Herbicide Safety and Efficacy over Seedling Buffalograss  (PDF 400KB)

Tolerance and efficacy of herbicides applied over seedling buffalograss  (PDF 399KB)