Video Tutorials

Registration, Course Setup, and Product Inventory

This first tutorial walks users through the process of the free GreenKeeper registration, how to set up the different management areas, and how to add public and custom products to their inventory.

Making and Recording an Application

The second tutorial shows how GreenKeeper helps with sprayer mixing and loading math. It calculates how many sprayer tanks are required, how much mix is needed, and the total quantity and mix recipes for each product in the tank. This tutorial also explains how to adjust product application rates, re-application intervals, and indicate the target pests.

title="Making and Recording an Application"

GreenKeeper also makes it easy to crowd-source pest scouting information. This tutorial explains how these maps are generated, how users can opt-out, and how users can report a pest outbreak. We strive to protect users anonymity and explain how the circles "float" around a Zip code and not directly over your facility.

Automatic PGR GDD Tracking

One of the best features of GreenKeeper is its ability to automatically log GDD accumulation to predict PGR degradation, re-application intervals, and relative performance. These model results are generated from UNL research with PGRs and will be specific for all commercially available PGRs. By the start of the 2015 growing season, these models even took grass species and mowing height into account.

Adding Multiple Users

With GreenKeeper, it is easy to add multiple users to your account. Add your assistants and spray techs to the account to allow them access to the mixing instruction and have them monitor product inventory and product longevity.

Treating Multiple and Miscellaneous Areas

This tutorial discusses how to treat miscellaneous areas that wouldn't be treated as frequently as main golf course management areas. These areas could include clubhouse lawns, bunker banks, or nursery greens.

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