The turfgrass program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is made up of experts in the areas of turfgrass breeding, weed science, plant physiology, entomology, and soil and water management. Our mission is to provide turfgrass research and education and to maintain high quality turfgrass while reducing water and other inputs. The goal is to provide pertinent research based information to turfgrass managers throughout the year and address agronomic issues as they come up across Nebraska, the Great Plains region, and the country.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Turfgrass program has partnered with the Lincoln Parks and Recreation to provide a unique learning opportunity for its turf and landscape management students. Advanced students in the program are placed in charge of all aspects of turf care at the Jim Ager Memorial Golf Course. Nebraska scientists will also have an opportunity for research as the fairways at Ager lend themselves to a top-dressing study.

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