Undergraduate Program

Turfgrass & Landscape Management

Turfgrass and landscape management are key elements in the operation of every public garden, sports field, botanical garden, golf course, business establishment, government building, and private residence. You will blend your knowledge of turfgrass and ornamental plants with your understanding of plant physiology and management to produce landscapes that enhance quality of life through their aesthetic and functional uses. The turfgrass & landscape management major offers two options: turfgrass management and landscape management. You are required to fulfill the course requirements under one option.

Turfgrass Management

The turfgrass management industry is very diverse and one of the fastest growing segments of the nation’s agricultural economy—often experiencing growth and expansion in some sectors even during recessionary periods. With a degree in turfgrass & landscape management from UNL, many careers are possible.

grow your story in turfgrass Management

Turf Internships 

Internships are a key component of a student’s academic program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They allow students to explore different areas of turfgrass management, make connections with future employers, learn about warm-and cool-season turfgrasses under different growing conditions, and experience a professional work environment. Two internships are required as part of each student’s academic program, and students are strongly encouraged to have at least one of these internships at an out-of-state facility. The poster Gaining Professional Experiences Across the United States: A Summary of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Turf Internships 2012-14 shows locations where students completed an internship. 


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