Highlighted Research

Buffalograss Breeding and Management

Addressing Misperceptions Regarding Buffalograss Tolerance to Sandy Soils, Traffic and Shade – Keenan Amundsen, Luqi Li, Robert C. Shearman and Roch E. Gaussoin. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal, vol. 13. October 19, 2017.

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Buffalograss Management Strategies [PDF]– Keenan Amundsen

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Culture & Management of Turfgrass Weeds

Annual Bluegrass Control on Putting Greens from Three or Four Years of Season-long Applications of Herbicides or Plant Growth Regulators in Three States – Zachary Reicher, Matt Sousek, Aaron Patton, Dan Weisenberger, Aaron Hathaway, and Ronald Calhoun. Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management, 1(1): 1-7. 2015.

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Speedzone has Potential for Postemergence Goosegrass Control in Perennial Ryegrass and Creeping Bentgrass –L. J. Leibhart, M. D. Sousek, G. Custis, and Z. J. Reicher. Applied Turfgrass Science. 1-3. 2014.

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Turfgrass Soil Management

Considerations with biostimulants in turfgrass- Michael Fidanza, Cale Bigelow, Stanley Kostka, Erik Ervin, Roch Gaussoin, Frank Rossi, John Cisar, F. Dan Dinelli, John Pope, and James Steffel. Chapter 15 in "Achieving sustainable turfgrass management". (2023). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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Turfgrass Establishment and Growth 

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